Winfield Township is a Certified Silver Community!











Winfield Township has been certified as a silver community by the Sustainable Pennsylvania Community Certification program. This program is a part of Sustainable Pittsburgh and recognizes local municipalities for their efforts in implementing sustainable policies and practices. Sustainable practices are those which improve our present community without sacrificing our future resources. Examples include waste management, recycling, blight mitigation, intergovernmental cooperation, stormwater management and community engagement. For more information on the program, or to view the certification criteria, please visit:

Things you can do as a citizen of Winfield Township to conserve our resources (and save some money in the process):
1. Buy locally grown food
2. Start a compost pile
3. Switch to energy efficient light bulbs
4. Weather strip windows
5. Install low-flow toilets and showerheads
6. Use rechargeable batteries
7. Use nontoxic cleaning products
8. Recycle
9. Fix leaky pipes
10. Turn off the lights when you leave a room
11. Collect rainwater to use in your garden