Winfield Road Bridge Replacement

Photo Courtesy of Erica Dietz | Valley News Dispatch

Photo Courtesy of Erica Dietz | Valley News Dispatch










As many of the residents have already seen or heard about via mailings or news articles the state is planning to replace the Winfield Road Bridge.   According to David Layman,  PA Dept. of Transportation Design Project Manager;  ” The project is funded for construction starting in January 2017.  We are trying to finish the job 1 year early for construction in 2016 due to the condition of the bridge. If we obtain all approvals and clearances and receive additional/early funding there is a chance construction could start in 2016.”

The state plans to improve all sight lines in the area of the intersection of Gray Ave and Winfield Road as well as eliminating the bend in the road that currently exists.  Below, you will find the plans for the bridge plans as well as the bridge elevation.  The drawings will also be posted up at the Township Building and as always you may contact the Township Office with any questions at 724-352-3333.

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Winfield Bridge Presentation

Winfield Bridge 2