Do you have a spare tire…or 12?! We can help!

What: Butler County will be hosting a Tire Recycling Day!!

Where: 207 Ash Stop Road, Evans City, PA 16033 (Forward Township Municipal Building)

When: Saturday May 13, 2017 from 9 AM to 1 PM


Check out more details here!!!!



Yours in Service,


Adam Hartwig, Township Secretary

Winfield Township



Google lays out Township road program!

I am sure that many of you are just as happy as I am that Spring is here to stay!  Unfortunately, with the warm weather comes construction season…  The Township is using Google Maps to lay out our Road Maintenance Schedule.  This means that you are able to view our schedule for the next three years from your computer, see how many square yards your road may be (this is the number that is used by paving companies to determine how much material to put down), and even calculate what it will cost the Township to seal coat your roadway.  As a point of reference, we are currently seeing prices around $1.05 per square yard.

Check us out here: Road Maintenance Schedule

The Township also has used Google to identify the approximate locations of all the Zoning Districts and post most all of the regulations for those Districts.  Anyone looking to build or develop should still contact the Municipal Building to confirm their District and inquire about permits.

In addition, we will use it to catalog our assets like culverts, bridges, and signs to ensure our compliance with State and Federal Regulations!

So while you are enjoying the warm weather this year, we are planning out what we will be doing in warm weather 3-5 years from now to ensure that your roads, bridges, and infrastructure are safe for years to come!


Yours in Service,



Adam Hartwig, Township Secretary

Winfield Township


Always remember to slow down in work zone areas, it is better to lose a couple seconds of your life than to lose your life (or someone else’s) in a couple of seconds.  GIVE OUR GUYS A BRAKE…


Image result for construction zone safety

Community Park


With warm weather becoming more frequent, we want to remind you that the Winfield Township Community Park, located at 194 Brose Road, Cabot, PA 16023 (behind the Municipal Building) is a great place to spend the afternoon and evening!  We have a pavilion with tables for a picnic as well as a jungle gym and swing set to keep any kid entertained for hours!

Are you looking to have an awesome Birthday party this year?!  We can help!  Reserve the Pavilion here: for only $40.00!!



For those people who are looking to take a hike, we also have a 1.2 mile trail loop that goes around the outer perimeter of our Park as well!


If there is anything you would like to see in the park, let me know.  If you have any questions or comments, I would like to hear from you!


Yours in Service,


Adam Hartwig


Library Board Member Needed!

Do you or your children use the Southern Butler County Community Library?

Do enjoy helping others?

Do you have a special skill or talent that you would like to take advantage of to help grow the Library?


If you answered yes to any of these questions we want to hear from YOU! Call us at 724-352-3333 or e-mail me at



Yours in Service,




Please read the statement below from your Emergency Management Coordinator and be sure to make any and all necessary precautions to be prepared.


“Residents in parts of Butler County should plan to be without power for several hours later this month.

According to West Penn Power, customers in parts of Buffalo, Clinton, and Winfield Townships will experience outages from 7 a.m. to 11 a.m. the next two Saturdays, March 19 and 26. Both outages will affect the same customers.

West Penn says the outages are necessary in order to allow crews to replace a pole on a transmission line at the Silverville Substation, which is located between Tarentum and Natrona Heights.

A total of 3,700 customers will be affected including some in Allegheny County.

West Penn Power will attempt to contact affected customers by phone before the outage takes place.”


Stay Safe and if you have any questions please feel free to contact me at 724-352-3333.  We have also posted this to our Twitter page.


Adam T. Hartwig

Gold Standards in Winfield Township

Winfield Township has received statewide recognition for their newsletter that goes out twice a year!  A little over a year ago, Winfield revamped their newsletter to a several page full color edition.  It was submitted for a statewide contest for Most Improved Newsletter as well as Best Newsletter, Class 3.  Winfield Township’s newsletter went up against 37 other Township’s and 95 other entries.  I am excited to report that Winfield Township has placed First in the Most Improved Newsletter category and Third in the Best Newsletter, Class 3, Category.

This is just another way we are working hard each and every day to become more transparent and improve communications between the Township and our Residents!



Yours in Service,



Adam T. Hartwig


Gold Standard3rd place

2016-2022 Capital Improvement Plan & Proposed Budget

As many people may have seen or heard in the media,  the Winfield Township Board of Supervisors have proposed a Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) along with the Budget for 2016.  This Seven-year Capital Improvement Plan is something that has never been done in Winfield Township, but it is something that is much needed.

This plan allows for the setting aside of funds each year, in a Capital Improvement Fund for large Capital purchases (dump trucks, loaders, and salt storage buildings) as well as large infrastructure improvement projects (paving, stormwater improvements, and possibly bridge replacements).


Facts and Figures on the Budget and Plan:


Current Millage Rate: 3 mills

Proposed Millage Rate: 5 mills


1 mill generates approximately $27,000.00 for the Township.  On average, 1 mill will cost a residential property owner about $20.00 per year.

Currently, when residents pay their taxes, for every dollar they pay, approximately $0.03 (3 cents) comes to the Township, $0.77 goes to the school district, and $0.22 goes to the county.








With that being said, here is the information and a brief explanation on the 2016 Budget:



Projected Revenues: $ 663,141.00

Projected Expenditures: $ 662,979.00

Notable Expenditures:

  1. Stormwater: $20,000.00
  2. Capital Purchases: $37,000.00
  3. Capital Improvement Fund: $25,000.00
  4. Public Safety: $31,300.00
  5. Administrative and Building: $124,099.00


We have several stormwater projects planned for next year; Jones Road, Cornplanter Road, Marwood Road, and Helmbold Ave.   This figure is more realistic of the needs of our current infrastructure and the cost estimates to do the work.

Capital Purchases: We are in need of replacing our pick-up truck that is currently used for not only road maintenance in the summer but also for winter maintenance.  Additionally, we are planning to purchase a new HTC (hydraulic truck conveyor) as well as a moon paver to replace the one we currently have that has reached the end of it’s useful life.

We feel that the proposed budget and CIP provides a much more sustainable framework and guide for the Township to operate by in the years to come.  By looking at a larger time span (Seven years), we are able to map our when all our current debt obligations mature, what our projected projects and purchases will be over the next decade, and how we plan to fund them.  We can say that with reasonable certainty, over the next several years, we will be able to reinvest more tax dollars back into the infrastructure, provide a better service to the residents, be better prepared for not only the unexpected but for the future, and last but not least, this proposed tax increase of 2 mills, it is sustainable, it will allow the Township to do more, plan better, and provide a better service to the residents of the Township.

While a tax increase is not favorable or popular, we all can agree that over the years, things have become more expensive.  In 1988, gas was $1.08 per gallon, a first class stamp cost $0.25, and the average price of a new car was $10,400.00  Over 27 years, I have seen prices rise and can remember when I was able to fill my vehicle up for $20.00.  Now, even though the price of oil is dropping, we have seen gas prices as high as $5.00 per gallon and $20.00 can’t even get you two movie tickets and a popcorn on a Friday night.

We are no exception, new dump trucks are $200,000.00, salt prices have increase $9.00 per ton in one year, one catch basin will cost us almost $1,000.00, and pipe is close to $7.00 per for, and as vehicle traffic increases, the demand for better roads increases.

That is why we have decided to take a proactive and sustainable approach to the matter here at Winfield Township.  We work hard everyday to make Winfield Township a great place to live, work, play, and stay.


Please view the 2016 Proposed Revenues here.

Please view the 2016 Proposed Expenditures here.

Please view the proposed Capital Improvement Plan here.

You can also view the slideshow presentation that was give at the November 19, 2015 Supervisors Meeting here.


Remember: The road to success is always under construction.



Yours in Service,



Adam T. Hartwig

Township  Secretary, Winfield Township


If you have any questions, comments or concerns, I would be happy to hear from you!




‘I’ll be there for you’

As I sat in a recognition luncheon today and watched a slideshow of Interns’ accomplishments while the popular TV Sitcom, Friends, theme song playing in the background, I began to think about why it is we do what we do.  Work in Local Government and spend countless hours striving to make that community a better place to live.

For me it means working to make our community better, working to put programs in place that will ensure each road gets attention in a timely manner by developing a rating system of road conditions and tying that in with the budget.  It also means producing a budget that will invest your tax dollars back into the community so that you will be able to reap  the benefits of your hard earned dollar.  If you read our newsletter last year, you would have saw that Winfield Township obtain a Silver Level Certification as part of the Sustainable Pennsylvania Program.  This means the Township has taken the stance that things like recycling,  producing a balanced budget, providing for a carry-over from one budget year to the next, and regular communications with the residents of the Township are very important to us and we feel that they will all make the Township a better place to live, work, play, and stay.

As the slideshow began to come to an end, I realized that working in Local Government is not about the ‘I’ or the ‘Me’, it is about you, the residents and having somebody that will be there for you when you have a question or a problem.  Now, I must add a disclaimer that we cannot solve every problem that everyone has, sometimes there are things that the Township cannot do. But, what i can promise you is that if you have a problem, I am always here to listen and work to help solve that problem with you or point you in the right direction.  I will also work hard to make Winfield Township a great place to live now and for years to come.  I truly believe that Local Government is ‘where it’s at’… it is where people are able to easily and quickly (yes, quick is a word in our Government’s vocabulary!) see results!  Because, after all, if you can’t count on your Local Government, who can you count on?

Watching the bright eyed Interns get their certifications for completion of their programs made me remember how just last year we had an Intern that accomplished so much for us.  It also showed me that there are young people who are interested in their communities and are willing to help out and work hard to make it a better place for everyone.

While we must have Laws, and we must enforce those Laws, we can also work to make our community a better place to live for tomorrow and the years to come by being more Sustainable, forward thinking, and planning for not just tomorrow but for 5 and 10 years down the road, and longer!  This is what we strive to do at Winfield Township so that we will always be able to say ‘hey, we’ll be here for you!’ After all, it’s a labor of love and that is why we all do what we do.  To be here for our residents and serve them to the best of our ability.


As always.

Yours in Service,

Adam Hartwig

Winfield Vol. Fire Company awarded Turnout gear

Globe, Dupont Protection Technologies in conjunction with the National Volunteer Fire Council have awarded Winfield Township Volunteer Fire Company with four new sets of Turnout Gear.

Winfield Township is one of 13 Departments across the United States and Canada to be awarded this honor.  Winfield Township VFC Fire Chief John Hartman saw this opportunity advertised in a Firefighting magazine and applied for it knowing that it would be a long shot to be chosen.  Months later he received a phone call saying that they have been selected!

A set of Turnout Gear can run from $3,200.00 to $3,400.00.

Check out the Press Release issued by Globe here.

Stay turned for updates and pictures of the Gear.

Please remember that your Fire Company is 100% Volunteer and operates solely on the donations that it receives during the Fund Drive and Fund Raisers.

Here is what the turnout gear is like



Fire Prevention Week

It’s Fire Prevention Week
What can you do this week to participate?
1) Change the batteries in your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.  Mark your calendar for each month to remind yourself to conducts tests of these detectors.
2) Do you have and use a fireplace?  When did you last have your chimney cleaned and inspected by a professional?  A chimney flue that is not cleaned / inspected regularly can build up creosote which is extremely combustible and can catch fire.  Please, get your chimney cleaned!
3) What happens if there is a fire in your house?  Do you have a family meeting place outside if there is a fire?  Do you practice escape drills with your family?
4) Review with your family the importance of how to call 911, what information to give and teach young children their address and phone number.
These are just a few items to review.  Contact the local Fire Department or the township office for more details and items to review.

Remember, if you gamble with safety, your betting your life.


NFPA 2014 Fire Prevention Video