A Time for Reflection and Looking Forward!

It is that time of year again when people start to reflect on the past year and spend more time with loved ones.  December is a time for us, at Winfield Township, to reflect as well.  It is also the time of year when we look into the future.  When I look back on 2017, here is what I see… a year that produced over $60,000.00 in storm water projects and a year that saw East Cornplanter Road get a serious facelift through a Dirt and Gravel Road Grant (doing more with less!).  It was a year where the Community Park continued to grow. We installed a restroom and finalized another DCNR grant!  We are very proud to say that we fund the park expansion without local tax dollars!  We will continue to expand in 2018/19 as well, having recently received word that our grant application for a 1.2 mile, 6’ wide, ADA accessible walking trail was recently approved by DCNR!  But that’s not all!  We also completed a Full Depth Reclamation on Cruikshank Road by investing ACT 13 Monies along with General Fund Monies to drastically improve the condition of the roadway!  We seal coated over 140,000 square yards of roadway and by way of our Capital Improvement Plan adopted in 2016, have plans to seal coat over 120,000 in 2018 (over seven miles!) and close to 200,000 in 2019.  AND, if we sealed your road this year, we’ll see you again in 3 or 4 years!  Our plan stays on the offensive attack (for you hockey fans out there).

Through sound planning and astute fiscal management, the Board has positioned themselves to stay on schedule and purchase another Dump Truck, replacing a 2001 International, next year.  This schedule means that we will be able to replace each dump truck every 5 years.  We are also able to be in a position to finance less and less of those purchases each time.  We were also able in 2017 to purchase a new wheel loader for the Road Department.  A vital piece of equipment that is used on an almost daily basis.  I would personally like to thank the Board for providing the support and resources to make this plan possible.

The new year also allow us to reevaluate how we go about our work, and ask ourselves what can we do differently.  Can we reflect more on issues instead of reacting?  Can we look at problems differently?  Try new approaches?  Well, I can tell you that we are looking at ways to improve the way we patch sections of roadway, considering milling pavement down to provide a more smooth transition and a higher quality end result.  We are doubling down on our seal coating program, combing state and local monies with ACT 13 monies to seal more roadways, more often, allowing us to use less patch material and provide a higher quality patch where applicable.  We are also continuing to trim more trees which allows more sunlight to be on the roadway; aiding in snow removal in the winter and roadways drying out quicker in the spring and summer months.

Also, helping in drying roadways out are Storm water projects.  We have slated four projects for 2018 so far, totaling 3,000 ft. of pipe!  We are planning to complete those projects in house, allowing us to stay within our budget, and do more than we would otherwise be able to do had we bid the projects out.

We have also made permit application a tad easier in 2017, by providing fillable .pdfs on our website, to increase the convenience factor and help improve in the customer service aspect of our Township.  We have created a Facebook and Google pages to encourage better communication between our residents and the Township.  It will also allow us to push out information about emergencies and road closures to the public.  I always welcome feedback and would enjoy open dialogue on any of your questions or concerns!

We are continuing to work to make Winfield Township a great place to call home.  The Board recently enacted a Billboard Ordinance that will govern types and locations of Billboards within the Township, I will talk more about that in a later post though.  If you have a question or comment, I would love to hear from you either through Facebook or you can always reach me at winfieldtwp@zoominternet.net or by phone at 724-352-3333 option 1.

For your convenience, I have attached our proposed Budget for 2018 FY.

I hope you and your family have a safe and wonderful Holiday Season and a healthy and prosperous New Year!

As always…

Yours in Service,



Adam Hartwig, Township Secretary

Tar and Chipping?!….Why not pave?

It is that time of year again when the Fresh Oil, Loose Gravel signs start coming up and drivers start cursing their local Municipality because the Tar and Chip is going down on the roads…

SO why is it that we tar and chip here in Winfield Township.  There are a couple of answers to that question.  The first is that the chip seal preserves the road surface and seals the cracks off from the penetration of moisture which will help prevent the heaving of roads as a result of the freeze/thaw cycle.  Second, chip seal is a driving surface treatment that is applied to the roadway when there are no significant driving surface or base layer issues present in the roadway to increase the useful life of the roadway.  Finally, it is a cost saving measure.  Simply put, the cost of paving a single mile of roadway can reach upwards of $180,000.  Winfield Township maintains just over 40 miles of roadway.  That’s over 7 Million dollars…  The Township budget simply does not have the capacity to take that on and keep your taxes affordable.

We receive approximately $200,000 per year from the State in Liquid Fuels money to be used on the roads. We reinvest over $150,000 of that back into strictly asphalt material (patching potholes and larger sections of roadway) and seal coating projects for the roads.  We also allocate over $200,000 out of the General Fund that directly and/or indirectly benefits the infrastructure in the Township.  But we do not stop there.  We also use ACT 13 monies that Municipalities get from the State as a result of Oil and Gas Drilling that takes place in Winfield Township and in the area directly outside of the Township.  In the past 5 years, Winfield Township has received and reinvested over $200,000.00 in ACT 13 funding back into the roadway to replaces failing bridge infrastructure, realign and elevate intersections to make them safer, and improve more roads faster as a result of the additional funding.  We received just south of $300,000.  The other funds were reinvested in Public Safety and Planning initiatives.

So, I said earlier that chip seals are a cost saving road maintenance method…. How much of a cost saving method you ask?  This year, we will pay $1.03 per square yard for seal coating.  So remember how I said Winfield Township maintains just over 40 miles of road?  That converts to 211,200 feet or (assuming a 20 foot road width) 469,333 square yards.  So to seal coat every road in the Township in one year at $1.03 per SY would cost almost $470,000.00 versus over 7 Million dollars to pave every road.

So realistically, the answer is somewhere in the middle.  We do a mix of paving projects in-house and sometimes outsourced to a paving company and we also do a yearly seal coating project to make sure that the asphalt on the roadway does not dry out and crack.  All of our road are worked into a Road Maintenance schedule that will repeat itself every three years to ensure that no road is left untouched for too long, allowing it to fall apart.  It also allows us time to address any storm water issues that may exist on the roads.  Because, if you cannot get the water off and away from the roadway, no schedule or amount of money will be able to keep up with mother nature.  As an example, this year alone, we have invested over $60,000 in storm water projects!

I recognize that the chip seal is an inconvenience for us all…  It is only temporary… Not only do we do it to make sure that you all have safe roads to travel day-to-day, we also do it to be responsible with your tax dollars and make sure that we can continue to keep your taxes at an affordable level.  We are proud to say that our local taxes are only 5 Mills.  1 Mill means that for every $1,000 of assessed value, you pay one dollar.  That means that for every $1,000 in assessed value of your property, you pay only 5 dollars.  Yes, you read that correctly…. for every thousand dollars of assessed value.  It may sound like a lot if you purchased your home for $200,000, but that it not the case.  Butler County operates on 1969 assessed values of property so most properties in Winfield Township are assessed approximately $20,000.00.  You do the math, that is $100.00.

So while it may seem cheap and messy, chip seal is an economical way for Municipalities to preserve the life of their roadways while keeping taxes reasonable for their Residents.

If you are curious,  we do have a Capital Improvement Plan that lays out our Plan for Improvement through 2022… You can look at it here.


I hope this provides everyone with a little bit better understanding of why we do things the way we do here in Winfield Township.  If you have any questions or comments, I would welcome them at winfieldtwp@zoominternet.net.  You can also find us on Facebook and Twitter.


As always,

Yours in Service,


Adam Hartwig, Township Secretary

Winfield Township.



Orange Flags and Big White Trucks!?

I have received many phone calls in the past couple weeks asking about the orange/red marking on the side of the roadway…  You will start seeing cables being laid down on the side of the roadway and large white vehicles moving slowly along the roadway.  This is for seismic testing that is being preformed by Precision Geophysical for Penn Energy Resources as part of their Oil and Gas Operations in the Township.  We are not anticipating any roadway closures at this time.  There should not be any disturbance to the surface of your property either, all of the testing is temporary and should be done in the right-of-way of the road.  If you do have any questions or concerns, please reach out to me at the Township and I will be happy to provide you with the right information to get you the answers you are looking for!


Adam Hartwig, Township Secretary

Winfield Township

Construction Update

**the previous post was password protected.  That has been corrected and it is now available for public viewing!


The end of last week, Winfield Township completed an approximately $40,000 Dirt and Gravel Road project on East Cornplanter Road.  It consisted of adding about 18″ of shale to the roadway, widening the cart path and laying 6″ of 2A stone down for the driving surface.  This not only improved the condition of the roadway, it also kept the road eligible for more Dirt and Gravel Roads Grant money in the future!  Don’t think we could make that road better?  Here’s proof! East Cornplanter Road Video

If you think that looks nice, stay tuned for a Full Depth Reclamation project that is slated to take place on Cruikshank Road this Thursday!  We will keep you posted as we continue to re-invest your tax dollars into your infrastructure!


We are working hard for you!



Adam Hartwig, Township Secretary

Construction Begins

The Community Park will have an expanded parking lot and upgraded landscaping for the entrance by the end of the day today!


We will also finish a road reconstruction project on East Cornplanter Road today as well!



Stay tuned for more updates on our upcoming projects the rest of the year!


Yours in Service,


Adam Hartwig, Township Secretary


If you have any questions, I’d love to hear from you… email me at winfieldtwp@zoominternet.net

Meeting Minutes for 2017

Stay up to date on what is going on in Winfield Township by checking out the minutes from each Meeting!

Do you have a spare tire…or 12?! We can help!

What: Butler County will be hosting a Tire Recycling Day!!

Where: 207 Ash Stop Road, Evans City, PA 16033 (Forward Township Municipal Building)

When: Saturday May 13, 2017 from 9 AM to 1 PM


Check out more details here!!!!



Yours in Service,


Adam Hartwig, Township Secretary

Winfield Township



Google lays out Township road program!

I am sure that many of you are just as happy as I am that Spring is here to stay!  Unfortunately, with the warm weather comes construction season…  The Township is using Google Maps to lay out our Road Maintenance Schedule.  This means that you are able to view our schedule for the next three years from your computer, see how many square yards your road may be (this is the number that is used by paving companies to determine how much material to put down), and even calculate what it will cost the Township to seal coat your roadway.  As a point of reference, we are currently seeing prices around $1.05 per square yard.

Check us out here: Road Maintenance Schedule

The Township also has used Google to identify the approximate locations of all the Zoning Districts and post most all of the regulations for those Districts.  Anyone looking to build or develop should still contact the Municipal Building to confirm their District and inquire about permits.

In addition, we will use it to catalog our assets like culverts, bridges, and signs to ensure our compliance with State and Federal Regulations!

So while you are enjoying the warm weather this year, we are planning out what we will be doing in warm weather 3-5 years from now to ensure that your roads, bridges, and infrastructure are safe for years to come!


Yours in Service,



Adam Hartwig, Township Secretary

Winfield Township


Always remember to slow down in work zone areas, it is better to lose a couple seconds of your life than to lose your life (or someone else’s) in a couple of seconds.  GIVE OUR GUYS A BRAKE…


Image result for construction zone safety

Community Park


With warm weather becoming more frequent, we want to remind you that the Winfield Township Community Park, located at 194 Brose Road, Cabot, PA 16023 (behind the Municipal Building) is a great place to spend the afternoon and evening!  We have a pavilion with tables for a picnic as well as a jungle gym and swing set to keep any kid entertained for hours!

Are you looking to have an awesome Birthday party this year?!  We can help!  Reserve the Pavilion here: http://winfieldtownship.net/winfield-township-community-park/ for only $40.00!!



For those people who are looking to take a hike, we also have a 1.2 mile trail loop that goes around the outer perimeter of our Park as well!


If there is anything you would like to see in the park, let me know.  If you have any questions or comments, I would like to hear from you!  winfieldtwp@zoominternet.net


Yours in Service,


Adam Hartwig


Moving filming helicopters in Winfield Township?!?

Netflix will becoming out with a new series about a Zombie Apocalypse staring Matt Damon and Megan Fox….  Just Kidding!  It got your attention though!!

West Penn Power inspecting power lines and facilities beginning this week using helicopters!  They will be flying at low elevations moving at 25-30 MPH.  There are photos below of the helicopters.  It is NOT uncommon for these helicopters to hover over certain areas to inspect breakers and circuits.  They may extend into some residential areas!

As always if you do have questions please feel free to reach out to me at 724-352-3333.


Yours in Service!



Adam T Hartwig