2016-2022 Capital Improvement Plan & Proposed Budget

As many people may have seen or heard in the media,  the Winfield Township Board of Supervisors have proposed a Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) along with the Budget for 2016.  This Seven-year Capital Improvement Plan is something that has never been done in Winfield Township, but it is something that is much needed.

This plan allows for the setting aside of funds each year, in a Capital Improvement Fund for large Capital purchases (dump trucks, loaders, and salt storage buildings) as well as large infrastructure improvement projects (paving, stormwater improvements, and possibly bridge replacements).


Facts and Figures on the Budget and Plan:


Current Millage Rate: 3 mills

Proposed Millage Rate: 5 mills


1 mill generates approximately $27,000.00 for the Township.  On average, 1 mill will cost a residential property owner about $20.00 per year.

Currently, when residents pay their taxes, for every dollar they pay, approximately $0.03 (3 cents) comes to the Township, $0.77 goes to the school district, and $0.22 goes to the county.








With that being said, here is the information and a brief explanation on the 2016 Budget:



Projected Revenues: $ 663,141.00

Projected Expenditures: $ 662,979.00

Notable Expenditures:

  1. Stormwater: $20,000.00
  2. Capital Purchases: $37,000.00
  3. Capital Improvement Fund: $25,000.00
  4. Public Safety: $31,300.00
  5. Administrative and Building: $124,099.00


We have several stormwater projects planned for next year; Jones Road, Cornplanter Road, Marwood Road, and Helmbold Ave.   This figure is more realistic of the needs of our current infrastructure and the cost estimates to do the work.

Capital Purchases: We are in need of replacing our pick-up truck that is currently used for not only road maintenance in the summer but also for winter maintenance.  Additionally, we are planning to purchase a new HTC (hydraulic truck conveyor) as well as a moon paver to replace the one we currently have that has reached the end of it’s useful life.

We feel that the proposed budget and CIP provides a much more sustainable framework and guide for the Township to operate by in the years to come.  By looking at a larger time span (Seven years), we are able to map our when all our current debt obligations mature, what our projected projects and purchases will be over the next decade, and how we plan to fund them.  We can say that with reasonable certainty, over the next several years, we will be able to reinvest more tax dollars back into the infrastructure, provide a better service to the residents, be better prepared for not only the unexpected but for the future, and last but not least, this proposed tax increase of 2 mills, it is sustainable, it will allow the Township to do more, plan better, and provide a better service to the residents of the Township.

While a tax increase is not favorable or popular, we all can agree that over the years, things have become more expensive.  In 1988, gas was $1.08 per gallon, a first class stamp cost $0.25, and the average price of a new car was $10,400.00  Over 27 years, I have seen prices rise and can remember when I was able to fill my vehicle up for $20.00.  Now, even though the price of oil is dropping, we have seen gas prices as high as $5.00 per gallon and $20.00 can’t even get you two movie tickets and a popcorn on a Friday night.

We are no exception, new dump trucks are $200,000.00, salt prices have increase $9.00 per ton in one year, one catch basin will cost us almost $1,000.00, and pipe is close to $7.00 per for, and as vehicle traffic increases, the demand for better roads increases.

That is why we have decided to take a proactive and sustainable approach to the matter here at Winfield Township.  We work hard everyday to make Winfield Township a great place to live, work, play, and stay.


Please view the 2016 Proposed Revenues here.

Please view the 2016 Proposed Expenditures here.

Please view the proposed Capital Improvement Plan here.

You can also view the slideshow presentation that was give at the November 19, 2015 Supervisors Meeting here.


Remember: The road to success is always under construction.



Yours in Service,



Adam T. Hartwig

Township  Secretary, Winfield Township


If you have any questions, comments or concerns, I would be happy to hear from you!