April 24, 2014 Supervisor’s Meeting

Here, you will find the finalized public agenda for tonight’s meeting.  We  encourage you to attend this and all Township meetings to voice your comments on the agenda or any matter taking place in Winfield Township you feel we should be aware of.



2/24/2014 Meeting Agenda



Yours in Service,



Adam Hartwig

Electronics Recycling!

I have received numerous phone calls from residents asking how they can get rid of their old electronics…. Here is your chance!

Securely recycle your old computers next Saturday, April 26th. Commonwealth Computer Recycling will be providing on-site hard drive destruction and recycling services next Saturday from 10am – 1pm at the Saint Ferdinand’s Church.
The following computer components will be recycled for FREE at this event:
• Desktop, laptops, tablets, servers, hard drives ***
• LCD monitors
• Cell phones, IPods, MP3 players
• Computer peripherals
• Networking, phones and telecommunications items
• In an effort to maximize our recycling efforts televisions will not be accepted at the event.
*** On-site hard drive destruction cost is $10/hard drive.
Saint Ferdinand’s Church is located at 2535 Rochester Road in Cranberry Township. CCR is Department of Environmental Protection permitted and an R2 certified Responsible Recycler.
Free-will donations will be accepted for the Saint Ferdinand’s Church.



Road Clean Up Supplies

Got trash alongside the road? Please know that our Spring Road Clean Up is fast approaching, April 26, 2014 with a rain date of May 3, 2014. The supplies needed (vest, gloves, and trash bags) are available for pick up at the Township building during normal office hours. Thank you for doing your part in making Winfield Township a great place to live!


YoursRoad Clean Up in service,


Adam Hartwig

Spring Newsletter!

With Spring fast approaching and the warm weather here to stay, the Spring newsletter is here for your reading pleasure! Please pay special attention to the Right column on the front and the Left column on the back. Consider cutting this out and hanging it on the fridge as it has a lot of helpful numbers and information that you may need throughout the year!
Also, get involved and sign up for alerts about road projects or emergencies happening in the Township by e-mailing winfieldinfo@zoominternet.net.

Are you new to the Township?

IMG_3782 (1024x683)

Let me first take this opportunity to extend a warm welcome to you and your family!  Thank you for choosing Winfield Township to plant your roots and settle down!  We hope you will love the Township as much as we do!  Be sure to check out our Community Park, located at 194 Brose Road, in the coming months you will see many changes to the park; public restrooms, a swing set, and much more!  You can also rent the park pavilion online by clicking here Winfield Township Community Park.  Did we mention the Butler Freeport Trail runs through the Township and is a great place to walk, run, or bike on a nice afternoon?!

Please look over the list of utility providers attached… We hope this helps you get settle faster and start exploring everything our Township has to offer!

Road Clean Up Date

Every year, Winfield Township conducts a road clean up day. This provides the residents the chance to clean any trash that may have accumulated alongside the road over the past year. This year’s road clean up will be held on April 26, 2014, with a rain date of May 3, 2014. The week of the clean up, there will be gloves, vests, and bags available for pick up at the Township Building.
Help keep our Township Beautiful and contact the Township Office to let us know what road(s) you plan to help pick up!

Roads, Roads, Roads!

This winter has been particularly harsh on our roads. As all of you have probably already noticed, there are potholes appearing overnight and our Road Crew is working everyday that the weather permits to patch the potholes. Got a large pothole? Visit the CONTACT US section of our page and let us know.
We are also working to revamp our Road Maintenance program to better suit the current condition of the roads. This will aid in better budgeting for the future.

We also plan to ditch many of the roads to better usher the water off the sides of the road while staying within the Right-of-Way (this will hopefully decrease the ‘spider web cracks that you see along side the road).
Please understand that we are working very hard to better serve you, the residents of Winfield Township, and provide you with the best roads possible.

Please sign up for e-mail alerts at winfieldinfo@zoominternet.net. We will only send out alerts that could potentially affect your daily life; road closures, road projects, or emergencies within the Township. STAY INVOLVED, STAY CONNECTED!

Think Spring,


Up to date information!

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